Acrylic on linen canvas - Sizes and Prices
40 x 50 cm
15.7″ x 19.7″
£ 180
50 x 60 cm
19.7″ x 23.6″
£ 220
60 x 70 cm
27.6″ x 23.6″
£ 260
70 x 100 cm
27.6″ x 39.4″
£ 340
80 x 100 cm
31.5″ x 39.4″
£ 360

100 x 100 cm
39.4″ x 39.4″
£ 400
100 x 150 cm
39.4″ x 59.1″
£ 500

Sizes and Prices

The list gives an indication of various sizes and their corresponding prices in British Pounds.

VeraMoon will always give you a personal quote. This will be done according to your pet portrait painting wishes and specifications and in your preferred currency.

It is possible to order a custom made canvas, according to your own size specifications.

Painting prices exclude framing and shipping & handling. VeraMoon can advise you on what kind of frame will work best for your painting.
A visit to your local or online framing specialist will give you great ideas on how to have your pet portrait framed.


All paintings are painted in acrylic on 100% pure linen or cotton canvas, stretched on a strong wooden frame.
The linen is stapled around the sides onto the back of the frame.
The canvases are hand-made in Europe, both linen and wood are sourced in Europe.

Pet Portrait Possibilities

Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate your everlasting love for your dog with an exquisite hand painted portrait?
There are some elements to consider when it comes to choosing how you want your beloved dog or cat, or any other pet, portrayed.

  • PRICE  Always an important part of the decision process, check out the price list above to give you an idea on Sizes and corresponding Prices.
  • CANVAS SIZE  The first thing to decide on, do you want Small, Medium, Large, XXXL, about any size is possible, ask VeraMoon.
  • COMPOSITION  What kind of composition do you desire? Full body, head/shoulder, close-up, a specific background, and so on.

Just send an email, or give a call, VeraMoon will help you decide what kind of pet portrait painting will work best for you.petportraitpossibilities_sizes

From photo to painting...

VeraMoon will ask you for one or more photos of your dog, or any other pet, preferably Digital and High Resolution. See below for some tips on taking photos of your precious pooch.
When you have only non-digital photo(s) it can be scanned in High Resolution by yourself or by VeraMoon.
You can also ask the artist to come to your home and take pictures of your beloved pets, travel and staying costs will be added to the cost of the painting(s).

Remember that the used photo material can’t be copyrighted, or otherwise ask explicit permission of the photographer when the photograph is not made by yourself.

Then VeraMoon will let you know if the photos will work as reference material for a portrait painting of your pet. After thorough consultation with you, the client, she will send you a (digital) sketch to give you a general idea of how the actual painting could turn out.

After your approval of the ‘sketch’ and the price quote, VeraMoon will start painting the portrait of your beloved pet(s) after receiving the non-refundable downpayment of 30% of the total cost.


Some tips on taking photos of your adored dog or cherished cat.

First. Don’t forget that VeraMoon will always advise you and help you out on deciding which photo(s) of your dog will work best for a portrait painting.

High Resolution Digital. It is preferable that you use a digital camera with the settings on the Highest Resolution.

No Flash.Try not to use the flash on your camera, when you’re photographing your beloved pooch. It will give them the scary ‘red eyes’ and drain all colour of their coats. And most pets are completely freaked out when the flash on a camera goes of.

Mid-morning on a Bright Day. A good time of the day to take some (just some? Go ahead take a baziljon picts!) photos of your gorgeous canine model is mid-morning on a bright day, when the natural daylight is at its best.

Toys & Treats. Have some toys and treats around to get, and hold, your mutt’s attention, whilst you are desperately trying to snap a nice shot.

Assistant. Even better would be when someone else could help you out with those squeaky decoy toys and treats. Best position for the ‘assistant’ would be behind the photographer, armed with a toy or treat.

Eye Level. Get down on your knees, crouch, squat! Yes, you have to do some serious gymnastics to be on the same eye level as your pet. These aerobatics will result in the pet perspective instead of your human.

Try different Angles. Go ahead, don’t hesitate, take snapshots from all kinds of angles, close-up, full-body, from above, from the side, possibilities are endless.