Le 13ème I

dog paris art painting


VeraMoon created atmospheric fine art featuring dogs haunting Paris, the City of Lights.

“It’s night in Le 13ème Arrondissement of Paris.
A loud bark resonates between the buildings.
Place d’Italie lights up as a beacon.”

This intriguing painting by VeraMoon can be enjoyed on its own or together with its ‘partner’ painting: Le 13ème II.

Le 13ème I is for sale >
You will receive a discount when you buy this work of art together with its ‘partner’ painting; Le 13ème II.

Material & Size

Acrylic on linen canvas

Height x Width
100 cm x 80 cm
39.4″ x 31.5″


Le 13ème I is FOR SALE

When you buy ‘Le 13ème I’ together with its partner painting ‘Le 13ème II’ you’ll receive a 20% Discount.

Price €1800,-
(excl. Frame, Shipping & Handling)