Le 13ème II

balck dog art Paris Painting portrait


Memorable and moody fine art featuring dogs haunting over Paris, the City of Lights.

Le 13ème II.
“The 13th Arrondissement of Paris is under the cover of dark night. The streets are almost empty, Atelier Métro Ligne 7 is waiting for the last train.”

VeraMoon’s fine art paintings tell stories, stories to be unfolded in the spectator’s mind.

Le 13ème II is for sale >
You will receive a discount when you buy this work of art together with its ‘partner’ painting, Le 13ème I.

Material & Size

Acrylic on linen canvas

Height x Width
100 cm x 80 cm
39.4″ x 31.5″


Le 13ème II is FOR SALE

When you buy ‘Le 13ème II’ together with its partner painting ‘Le 13ème I’ you’ll receive a 20% Discount.

Price €1800,-
(excl. Frame, Shipping & Handling)