(International) Shipping & Handling

A pet portrait made by VeraMoon can be send all over the world. It will be shipped and handled by a professional service, for example UPS.

All paintings to be delivered within the E.U. will be sent by registered airmail, they will normally take between 10 to 14 days to arrive.
All parcels destined for outside the E.U. will be sent by weekly freight, expected delivery times can vary between 3 – 5 weeks depending on its worldwide location.

The cost of shipping paintings worldwide can vary, depending upon the size, weight and destination of the package.
VeraMoon will give an estimation of the cost of Shipping & Handling before you actually confirm the order your painting.
Before the finished painting is shipped to you, you will receive a final quote of the cost of Shipping & Handling. This will be added to the remaining 70% of the total price.

Door to door insurance for the actual value of the painting will be included in the Shipping & Handling costs.


Professional packed paintings are shipped worldwide by VeraMoon.
You can be ensured that your work of art will be wrapped in layers of multi foam, bubble wrap and hardboard with reinforced corners. Last but not least a layer of, carefully taped, corrugated carton followed by a weather tight plastic wrap.


All paintings purchased from VeraMoon are insured door-to-door against damages when shipped and handled .

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with VeraMoon, she will happily answer any question you have.


Prices of paintings made by VeraMoon are exclusive framing and exclusive Shipping & Handling.

VeraMoon will always give you a (free) personal price quote for the work of art you want to buy or commission.


All paintings are painted in high-grade acrylic paint on 100% pure linen canvas, 450 gr/m2, stretched on a strong wooden frame.
The linen is stapled around the sides onto the back of the frame.
The canvases are hand-made in Europe, both linen and wood are sourced in Europe


Almost any Size is imaginable for a dog, cat or pet portrait painting, made by VeraMoon.
Standard canvas sizes, Custom made canvases to your own specific requirements, from a tiny micro painting to a huge wall-covering work of art, the possibilities are almost endless.

VeraMoon will help you decide what will work best for you, just contact her to find out more!


Are you representing an animal charity?
VeraMoon loves to help you out, she is willing to donate  a custom made painting for your fund raise auction, highlight your efforts on her Dog Blog or Social Media pages and many more activities. Just contact VeraMoon.

Taking a photo of your pet

First. Don’t forget that VeraMoon will always advise you and help you out on deciding which photo(s) of your dog will work best for a portrait painting.

High Resolution Digital. It is preferable that you use a digital camera with the settings on the Highest Resolution.

No Flash.Try not to use the flash on your camera, when you’re photographing your beloved pooch. It will give them the scary ‘red eyes’ and drain all colour of their coats. And most pets are completely freaked out when the flash on a camera goes of.

Mid-morning on a Bright Day. A good time of the day to take some (just some? Go ahead take a baziljon picts!) photos of your gorgeous canine model is mid-morning on a bright day, when the natural daylight is at its best.

Toys & Treats. Have some toys and treats around to get, and hold, your mutt’s attention, whilst you are desperately trying to snap a nice shot.

Assistant. Even better would be when someone else could help you out with those squeaky decoy toys and treats. Best position for the ‘assistant’ would be behind the photographer, armed with a toy or treat.

Eye Level. Get down on your knees, crouch, squat! Yes, you have to do some serious gymnastics to be on the same eye level as your pet. These aerobatics will result in the pet perspective instead of your human.

Try different Angles. Go ahead, don’t hesitate, take snapshots from all kinds of angles, close-up, full-body, from above, from the side, possibilities are endless.

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