• dogs paintings portraits
  • Day at the races…
    pencil drawing

  • The artist with her biggest inspiration, Mika.

  • Mika on the beach in Portugal
    acrylic on canvas

  • VeraMoon in her studio


VeraMoon was born into an artistic family in 1965 in the historic cathedral city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland.
From a very early age on, drawing, painting and creating are an intrinsic part of her being.
After attending art school in Amsterdam, she went on to study art history & archeology at both the Leiden and Amsterdam universities to satisfy her craving for a more theoretical knowledge of art.

Later on she co-founded with her husband an advertising design studio where she fulfilled the role as art director. Under her supervision the company grew to become a major partner in the development of highly commercial, digital advertising creatives for many renowned companies, including some of the largest global media and retail organisations.

But the gravitational pull of creating art, the actual handling of brushes and paint, proved to be inescapable.

Art plays a major part in VeraMoon’s life. Creating it herself and the immense joy of just looking at it. She loves the challenge to read into the, often hidden, multi-layered symbolism of works of art alongside the pure aesthetic fulfilment they provide.

Another important, defining element in her life is her love for animals, among which dogs, indisputably woman’s and man’s best friend, rank very high. Their unconditional love, genuine transparentness and captivating natural beauty are an ongoing inspiration and driving force behind VeraMoon’s works of art.

At the moment VeraMoon resides in the beautiful South East region of the United Kingdom. Over the years she’s been living and working, together with her husband, cats and dogs in various countries, including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.