Dogs Urban – VeraMoon Art Collection

Urban surroundings are an ongoing inspiration for VeraMoon’s timeless works of art featuring our canine companions.
These four Urban Dogs painting are FOR SALE, get more info.
You too can have your dog’s portrait painting set against a vibrant architectural background.

Dogs Larger Than Life Portrait Paintings

‘The Bigger the Better’ is definitely applicable when it comes to having your beloved pet portrayed.
The big canvas size allows for a monumental rendering of your pet’s delightful features.
Get more info on a larger than life portrait painting of your dog.

Dogs Regular Sized Commissioned Portraits

Some fine examples of commissioned dog portraits, painted in all their glory by VeraMoon.
Being an elegant purebred or an adorable little street urchin, all dogs will receive the uttermost attention from the artist.
Don’t hesitate to get more info on the various possibilities to have your dog, cat or any other pet portrayed.

Cats Commissioned Portraits

VeraMoon loves your fabulous feline friends too! Order your cat portrait here!
Please take a look below at some of the cats that were lovingly portrayed by VeraMoon.
Their diverse cat characters are pouring out from the canvas, grabbing your attention with their soulful eyes.